Double Glazed Windows

Increase your homes energy rating and efficiency by installing argon filled double glazing windows. Sure to keep your family warm during the long winter months.

Double glazed windows are an essential requirement for your home. When choosing windows you should ensure that the glazing used is double glazing.

One thing to watch out for when you pick your windows to see what you are getting for the price. Make sure you always check exactly what you are getting as although you might be getting double glazed windows and the price you are quoted is cheaper than any other supplier you have got quotes from then make sure you are getting the same standard of window. When picking double glazed windows make sure the panes of glass are filled with Argon Gas and not air. This may be the reason in the cheaper price you may have got for the double glazed units. Double glazed windows that are filled with air have a lower insulating value than those filled with argon.


Double glazed windows supplied and fitted by us contain argon gas between both panes of glass which greatly helps to prevent heat loss through the window.

So if you are in the process of building a new home or looking at upgrading your existing home or office windows then contact us on 059 913 3577 and we can sit down with you and go through what options you have that best suit your requirements.


Work to Reduce excessive moisture on your windows


Acts as a deterant to intruders & robberies


Less need for heating systems to be in operation


Reduces noise for a calmer, quieter home


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